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Nebu Ramses Artemisia in this order for field commanders. Nebu is probably one of the strongest archer commanders for open field. I have artesmia expert and she is pretty F’in tough. Artesmia and Ramsey are great but if you want to have an effective garrison set Amanitore and Artesmia is an effective combination. Boudica.Commanders Paring PvP Parings. PvE Parings. Genghis Khan: The best commander in the game for cavalry. He's got the most nuke damage in the game for a cavalry commander. This is a golden paring. You can use either as the primary commander. It doesn't matter a lot. Cao Cao: Great replacement for Genghis Khan If you do not have him. This is a ...Edward of Woodstock. Another great archer commander that has the strongest damage skill in Rise of Kingdoms. Edward is a very effective commander for both Open-field and Rally. Rally really makes him much more special since his damage is mainly based the active skill, which requires a lot of Rage and can be easily dodged in Open-field, but in ...

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The best civilization in Rise of Kingdoms (ROK) for new players (starting civilization), growing your city (mid-game) and end-game battles versus other playe...Most Popular wheel of fortune commander now is Nevsky and most players are using all their universal gold heads to max Nevsky. He seems to be the best legend...Because cavalry is just so nice for the beginning. Similar to Spain, pick Byzantium, get the cavalry epic commander, Belisarius, for free and switch to Germany once you reached City Hall level 10. Belisarius is very great for new players and free to play players. The Pelagius + Belisarius combo is very notable in Rise of Kingdoms, for free players.Apr 22, 2022 · The best cavalry marches and commanders to use in Rise Of Kingdoms in 2022!!Oh this RoK Commanders list we went from 1 cavalry march only to 5 marches for bo... Apr 30, 2020 ... 0:00 When is a Legendary better than an Epic ; 1:44 — Cavalry Commanders — (Cao Cao) ; 6:05 Minamoto ; 9:34 Genghis Khan ; 12:48 Saladin ...The Next CAVALRY Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms Are...🟥 BUSINESS EMAIL - [email protected]🌟 SECOND CHANNEL - @omni_tv My PC - http://starforgesystems.pxf...Best Commander Pairing for Huo Qubing. Alexander Nevsky. William I. Joan of Arc (Prime) Alexander Nevsky is a very intense single-target pairing for open field with a lot of active skill damage and range going on. Can be a little disadvantage when getting swarmed but normally with a second cavalry march around that can deal area damage this is ... Commander’s max level is 60. Max talent points a commander can have = 74. Talents are taking effect for the Primary Commander only, not for the Secondary Commander. Secondary Commander can only contribute the skills, not talents, during the battles. If your skill levels are bad, your talents are pretty useless. Sort by: EvBismute. • 2 yr. ago. I may be off but Minamoto is a cavalry commander, he should at least be paired with another cavlary commander like Cao Cao or Baybars ( Maybe even pelagius is good ). For infantry go for the usualy Bjorn - Sun pair, works great. 9.For fast roaming cavalry, Belisarius is the commander you looking for with minamoto as secondary. If you want to go high damage, Pelagius and Baibars are awesome. Pelagius provide good cav stats with decent healing. While Baibars give you aoe damage that you might need to face multiple foe in the open field. So, since Minamoto is one of the ...As of now, it’s updated till new Archer commanders Ashurbanipal and Legendary Hermann Prime. It’s been a while since we made changes to this best commander pairing guide. So many new commanders have been added to the game. There are so many new ways to pair different commanders too. This is our biggest update ever.November 2022 Legendary Cavalry Commander Tier List Ranking of Rise of Kingdoms. This rok commander investment guide is suitable for new players to season of...If you want to battle, you need a commander. Every commander has three specialities that determine which talent trees can be levelled. Every commander has four skills, which are unlocked according to the commander's star level. Epic and Legendary commanders have a 5th mastery skill that enhances one of their first four skills; it is unlocked by getting all four skills to level 5. Star levels ...Amanitore Guide. Amanitore is not that great a commander. APersonally my top 5 are: Sun Tzu, Joan of Arc, Bo Spain - The commander is one of the best Epic cavalry commander + goodies from the civilization 10% more EXP + 20% morerss production, which do its thing at the start, but excels later with rss-nodes witch are lvl 18+ ... If you join the discord server of RoK there is a section called #searching-ally I usually ask people to move over there and ...Xiang Yu is one of the best cavalry commanders to use in open-field battling as well as for rallies. Xiang Yu is currently one of the top 2 strongest cavalry commanders in RoK (the other is Alexander Nevsky ), and he is able to defeat even infantry troops (cavalry-counter) in open-field. Top 10 Things To Prepare Before KvK 1. If you Nevsky, he's a cavalry commander. Joan of Arc (the prime version) as well. Zhuge Liang and Boudica, archer commanders, are insanely busted. Infantry has commanders like this, but not enough to support maining infantry. Infantry is actually the worst offender of this, unfortunately, as it has the worst selection of commanders in my opinion. Recommended Pairings: Yi Seong-Gye, or Frederick I. El Cid

This is a complete guide for both spenders and F2P players on the best commanders and equipments that you can invest on for KvK Season 1. Timestamps00:00 - I...3. Attila. 2. Joan Of Arc Prime. 1. Alexander Nevsky. Why you Need Cavalry Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. Cavalry Commanders are the most effective at leading Cavalry Units in Rise of Kingdoms. …BEST Legendary CAVALRY Investment Order for F2P! Rise of Kingdoms Cavalry Guide 2024🟥 BUSINESS EMAIL - [email protected] of Kingdoms is a Real-time Stra...Mar 30, 2022 · Learn more about Infantry Commanders in our Rise of Kingdoms Commander Guide, our list of the Best Infantry Commanders in the game, and the Infantry Troop Type in our RoK Troop Guide. Best RoK KvK 1 Cavalry Commanders. Below is a table of the best RoK Cavalry Commander Pairings to use in KvK Season 1. Beb49. •. The great thing about KvK2 is there is no always best rally/garrison pair, it's dependent on what your opponent has in the rally/garrison. For the open field my top 5 pairs would be Ed/Tomy, Alex/YSG, Saladin/Khan, Constantine/Charles and I guess Aeth/Richard although I do really want to say Aeth/Matilda.

We review the best epic cavalry commander pairs and the order in which we would recommend investing in them in Rise of Kingdoms (RoK). Subscribe Today: http...Artemisia I. Undoubtedly, Artemisia I one of the best Archer Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms, very offensive and defensive at the same time, has a very powerful damage skill that can affect up to a maximum of 3 targets. She has a very unique combat mechanic where she increases archery units’ defense and health by up to 20%, and deal 50% more ...Summary. Suleiman I is an excellent commander specialized in leading mixed troops.His talents and skill make him a powerful warrior and conqueror thanks to his buff and debuff. "Magnificent Sultan": his active skill deals great damage while reducing the defense and health of his enemy for 2 seconds."Annexation" is his first passive skill which increases the attack/defense of his troops ...…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. You also get a building speed bonus with china. Once you start ap. Possible cause: For Cav garrisons probably Jadwiga/Jan, for Infantry garrisons probably Zenobi.

Huo Qubing commander pairings . Huo Qubing is a great commander but he lacks certain things like defense, AOE damage, and buffs for your ally. Luckily there are cavalry commanders who can be paired with him to get rid of his weakness. Following commanders works best with Hua Qubing.Yi Seong-Gye. Yi Seong-Gye is considered the most useful and strong commander of Rise of Kingdoms. Placing him as a secondary commander with any other commander for F2P. He can be unlocked between 90-95 days through the “ Wheel of Fortune ” by using the required amount of gems.

From what I read, the best pairings for him are: Scipio, Eulji, Boudica and Joan of Arc. But here is the thing, I'm still understanding how the Garrison defense work and I'm not familiar with some specific mechanics of this game. Main Commander (Sun Tzu) in this case, can use his basic attack + Skill. Second Commander only uses his skill and ...Do not, under any circumstances, allow yourself to spin the wheel. If you want a cav commander that badly, throw down the 200 bucks for Minamoto. Put that 50k into VIP before you even think about hitting the wheel. You'll thank me later. Get Belisarius. He's got a nice debuff on his active skill, and really tanky stats for an epic when ...1. Sun Tzu. Sun Tzu is probably the best infantry commander among all the other epic commanders. Although he is not good for tanking, his nuking and rage restoration abilities make him easily a good pair to any infantry commander. Even with non-infantry commanders, he will still be a good pair for them.

Cheok Jun-Gyeong Summary. Cheok Jun-Gyeong ( Coming first in the cavalry list, Spain could be considered an average choice for players at an early stage. Pelagius is also one of the Best Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms, especially when it comes to cavalry solo battles. RoK Spain Buff. Cavalry Defense +5%; EXP from Barbarian and Neutral Units +10%; Resource Production +20%; RoK Spain TipsHonda Tadakatsu (1548 – 1610), also known as Honda Heihachiro, was one of the most prominent samurais, generals, and daimyo of the late Sengoku and early Edo periods. He is sometimes called one of the “Four Heavenly Kings of the Tokugawa” or “The Seven Great Spearmen of Japan.”. He spent his youth serving the Tokugawa clan and first ... The fact that your name is "FunniAmogus" November 2022 Legendary Cavalry Commander Tier List Ranking of Hi guys, today we are going to show you the most efficient way to chain-farm Barbarians in Rise of Kingdoms. You might even be able to farm up to 10 Barbarians groups with just 40 Action Points (AP) by simply following this guide.. Best commanders for farming Barbarians are also mentioned below. All cavalry commanders specialize by having great damage both Light and Darkness KvK "Matchmaking Timeline" System. The full process is about 15 days long, afterward Eve of the Crusade is 9 days and lastly, the KvK itself is about 42 days long. After the teaming up phase begins, Kingdoms can team up with each other. Each team can hold a maximum of 4 Kingdoms.Rok Huo Qubing Talent Tree Build, Pairings, and Equipments Guide. ROKGuides. October 14, 2023. 1766 Views 0. In the world of Rise of Kingdoms, commanders play a pivotal role in the success of your empire. Huo Qubing is one of the newer commanders introduced to the game and has quickly gained popularity among … Here are THE BEST CAVALRY MARCHES alongside with 1 INFANTRY &ADMIN MOD. The Commander Tier List Calculator, Updated! Hi All, We&Conquering Talents. Moment of Triumph: This talent will incre Cavalry Commanders Pairing . Hi guys! Cav Main. Anyway…. Minamoto + Baibars (Cavalry) Æthelflæd + Pelagius (Mix without Cavalry) ... Trying to get an idea of how fast you'll be accumulating heads and the best marches you'll be able to run pre SOC and still have you set up nicely for when SOC starts. Reply More posts you may like. Add a Comment. GeMbErKoEk. • 4 yr. ago. Love these videos ma ROK Talent Tree Build Guide for Baibars. Baibars is an excellent cavalry-nuking commander in Rise of Kingdoms. He is one of the best options for F2P players in field battles as a cavalry-nuking commander or in city attacks as a city-conquering commander. He has a set of solid nuking skills and abilities that allow him to be a sufficient ...In this video sponsored by the makers of Rise of Kingdoms (ROK), we review the top 4 legendary open field cavalry pairs.We are an official member of the ROK ... Apr 7, 2023 ... ... Cavalry 2:56 Pair 2: Infantry [ Commanders Paring PvP Parings. PvE Parings. GenghiNebuchadnezzar II. He is one of the best rally Commanders in th